Peace Poles

Peace Poles serve as an international symbol of hope and peace. Installing Peace Poles in schools encourages young children to engage in conversations about peace, what it means to them, and how they can promote peace in their school and daily lives.

In 2021, to commemorate 100 years of Rotary, Peace Poles were introduced in Australia. This significant initiative has seen over 300 Peace Poles installed in schools, early learning centres, and public parks across the country, fostering a sense of peace and unity in our communities. Rotary Mindarie, a proud contributor to this cause, has already installed 3 Peace Poles in local schools.

Each Peace Pole is made from a natural wood post and is sealed for longevity. Each side of the post has a plaque featuring the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in four languages. In our local community, two plaques are in English and Noongar, while the individual school chooses the other two.

Schools can choose the languages for two of the plaques, as well as the unveiling date and location for the pole’s installation within the school grounds. The pole is typically installed in a high-traffic area of the school to maximise visibility.

Rotary Mindarie are able to create these poles with the help of Bunnings Mindarie who provide the wooden pole, sealing compound, and hardware and the RAAFA Merriwa Hobby Shop who prepare the pole and affix the plaques.

Once the pole is prepared, Rotary Mindarie installs it on school grounds. The school then holds an unveiling ceremony, which typically includes local MPs, City of Wanneroo councillors, the mayor, and members of the school board.

Rotary Mindarie Peace Pole locations:

LocationDate of installationLanguages chosen
Edgewater Primary SchoolJune 2022Mandarin and Japanese
Somerly Primary SchoolSeptember 2023Italian and Māori
Yanchep Rise Primary SchoolOctober 2023Auslan and Māori
Example of language plaques.

If your school is interested in participating in the Peace Pole project, please contact Rotary Mindarie for more information on how to get involved.